Booking a single property requires a different process compared to regular hotel rooms made online. Private Villas of Bali provides you both with an efficient online direct reservation system where bookings can be made, paid and confirmed instantly for our guests’ convenience as well as an off line booking process for those guests that require more time to decide on a booking, but want to hold a tentative reservation in the mean-time.

Instant confirmed online Reservations
A confirmed reservation can be made instantly, using our direct online booking system by accessing the “Reservations” Button on top of each page. The full amount of the booking will be charged to your credit card on line as a deposit and serves as a confirmation. In the event that the Guest cancels a confirmed booking, cancellation fees will generally apply. See Reservation Cancellation procedures below.

Requests for Tentative Reservations by email
Tentative reservations as well as special requests can be made by clicking on the “Enquiries” link.

Here you will find a website inquiry reservation form, which upon completion will be instantly emailed to Private Villas of Bali.

On receipt of the reservation inquiry form, we will contact you and provide you with a confirmation of availability, villa rate (including any applicable tax and service charge), information regarding any of your special requests, and our bank details for the 50% down payment.

A tentative protection on dates will be provided if the villa is available, which is valid for 7-calendar days and will be confirmed once the bank transfer has been received. An extension of another 7 calendar days may be considered upon receiving a request in writing, after which time, if the deposit has not been received and confirmed by us, the tentative reservation will be released automatically.

Billing, Indonesian Rupiah and US$ Bank Details
Invoice and Bank Account details for transfer of rental / event funds, will be sent upon tentative booking confirmation. Our prices are set in Indonesian Rupiah ( IDR). Invoicing may either be in US Dollars or IDR. Foreign exchange rate will be calculated on the date of transaction at the Bank Central Asia (BCA) current rate for the US Dollar equivalent to be received to our account in BCA. This rate can be obtained from the villa management at any time upon request.

Payment Terms
Private Villas of Bali requires a 50% of total invoice value deposit for confirmation and the remaining 50% should be settled a minimum 30 days prior to check in. This would include but not limited to Accommodation rental, Event Fees, security deposit plus any other pre booked requirements (if any).

Reservation Confirmation
Due to high demand our villas are often booked in advance. Reservations at all times are handled on “first come, first served” basis. Private Villas of Bali, reserves the right in case of a Tentative Reservation, to provide the holder of such Tentative Reservations with a notice of a minimum of 7 calendar days to confirm that reservation through the payment of the 50% deposit as described above.

In case the holder of the Tentative Reservation does not transfer the required deposit (or scan a copy of the bank transfer reflecting that the payment has been made, prior to the 5th day following the notice) Private Villas of Bali have the right to cancel the Tentative Reservation.

Reservation Cancellations
If the Guests wish to cancel a confirmed booking, written notice of cancellation must be sent to Private Villas of Bali ( All cancellation notices received by Private Villas of Bali will be acknowledged in writing.
It is strongly recommended that the Guest and all members of the Guest’s party purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Cancellation of a booking includes, but is not limited to:

  •  Cancellation of one or more days of a booking;
  • An amendment of a booking so that none of the dates of the booking once amended fall within the same dates that originally constituted the booking;
  • Failure of all or some Guests to provide the required documentation on arrival (i.e. Passports or suitable identification); resulting in the guest cancelling the reservation and
  • Attempt by the Guest, their party or visitors to hold an event at the Property in breach of these Terms and Conditions or breach of any rules applicable to the Guest’s chosen Property or Indonesian laws and regulations.

In the event that the Guest cancels a confirmed booking, the following accommodation cancellation fees will generally apply:

  • If a reservation is cancelled more than 2 months prior to the expected arrival a 1-night cancellation charge will be levied and the balance of the deposit will be returned.
  • If a reservation is cancelled more than 1 month but less than 2 months prior to the expected arrival a 2-night cancellation charge will be levied and the balance of the deposit will be returned.
  • If a reservation is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the expected arrival no refund will be made.

The applicable amount will be deducted from the deposit and moneys paid, and Private Villas of Bali will refund any remaining balance to the Guest.

Amendments of Reservations
Please note that Reservation Amendment policies apply for regular booking periods, seasons or special holiday periods and peak seasons. For amendments to bookings incurring a change in seasons or certain days (and rates), special amendment terms apply. If the information in any of these is inconsistent, the most recently issued terms will prevail.

In the unlikely event that Private Villas of Bali is unable for any reason (including the sale of a property and force majeure) to provide the Guest with the Property booked by the Guest, Private Villas of Bali reserves the right to transfer the Guest and their party to an alternative property of a similar type and value, in consultation with the Guest. If the price of the substituted Property is less than the original booking, the difference will be reimbursed to the Guest.

If the price of the substituted Property is higher than the original booking, the difference may be charged to the Guest. If, however, after considerable effort by Private Villas of Bali, no alternative of similar type and value is available and / or no agreement can be reached between the Guest and Private Villas of Bali, then either Private Villas of Bali or the Guest May opt to cancel the booking and this Rental Agreement. In that event, Private Villas of Bali will refund the Guest all monies paid, without further compensation.

Private Villas of Bali - Dynamic Pricing, Seasons and Special Holiday Periods
Private Villas of Bali maintains a system of “Dynamic Pricing”. As such rates will fluctuate based on demand and key holiday periods. Special offers and pricing may be applicable throughout the year. It is advisable therefore to check the most up to date pricing under the “Reservations” button on top of your screen even when considering a Tentative Reservation, or check “Promotions” if special offers are available.

As a general guideline our Seasons are as follows:

Low Season:

  • January 4th to May 31st
  • October 6th to December 19th

High Season:

  • June 1st to September 30th, except August 10-18
  •  International School Holidays in Asia 
  • Annually fluctuating holidays such as Chinese New Year and Easter

Peak Season:

  • August 10-18 
  • September 30 - October 6
  • December 20th to January 3rd

Minimum Stays
The following minimum stay requirements apply:

  • Low Season: 2 nights 
  • High Season: 2 nights 
  • Peak Season: 4 nights

Private Villas of Bali maintains the right to either extend or reduce the minimum stay on a case-by-case basis, without prior notice.

Other Considerations

  •  Private Villas of Bali is fully licensed and all rates are inclusive of applicable Government taxes and service charges and are quoted in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). United States Dollars (US$) conversions may apply
  • Service charge is applied at 5% instead of the industry standard of 10%
  • Rates for room rentals are per night only, based on the indicated number of occupants. Extra Beds and Baby Cots are available, additional Charges apply.
  • All bank transfers must be made out without deductions to the recipient
  • All other costs are at the expense of the Guest unless noted as inclusions on the written confirmation advice.

Functions and Events
Prior approval for any gathering, function or event in excess of 20 guests must be obtained from Private Villas of Bali. Such approval is at the sole discretion of Private Villas of Bali. It should be noted that any such events require reporting to the local authorities and an administration fee.

Damages, Losses and Breakages 
Guests are responsible for looking after the property, leaving it in good order and in a clean condition. Guests also undertake to pay for damages, breakages or losses caused during the period of their stay.

Private Villas of Bali reserves the right to reclaim the hired property and claim for damages, if the hirer, members of the guest party or guest’s visitors causes excessive damage noise, mess or any unlawful activity.

Personal Insurance 
Private Villas of Bali recommend that you and your guests take out comprehensive travel, medical and accidental insurance at the time of booking, to protect you and all those accompanying you for the full time of your visit against illness, including evacuation, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, theft, cancellation and other travel contingencies.

Liabilities and Disclaimers 
Please be advised that neither Private Villas of Bali nor any of its employees or representatives is responsible for: 

  •  Any loss or damage to personal equipment and property during your stay at our villas or during your participation in any activities during your visit to Bali.
  • any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which maybe caused directly or indirectly by events outside of our control such as late arrival of International flights, civil disturbances, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, nature or governments, newly imposed regulations, or the failure of any machinery, equipment or structure.
  • Personal injuries or loss of life as a result of irresponsible behaviour, intoxication of any kind, lack of supervision or common sense or occurred at external venues, tours, facilities or locations which may or may not have been recommended by Private Villas of Bali.

Private Villas of Bali does not allow:

  • Possession of firearms or weapons of any kind in the Villa grounds under any circumstances. Agents of the guest, the person who made and confirmed the reservation on behalf of their guests must advise Villas of Bali prior to arrival, their intentions to carry firearms / weapons and will be required to report the same at the Desa Kutuh Police Station (KAPOSPOL). Any failure to report Firearms / Weapons will result in immediate cancelation of the booking and all moneys paid to date will be forfeited.
  • The use of drugs or any other illegal substances
  • Immoral Acts, including prostitution and related behaviour as described by the laws of Indonesia
  • Private Villas of Bali reserves the right to request police assistance in the matters mentioned above or any other matter that are deemed suspicious or against local (Banjar) and Government regulations

By placing and confirming a reservation at any of the villas at Private Villas of Bali, a guest automatically acknowledges that he/she has understood and accepted the terms of conditions.